Professional Vlog Service

Producing high quality video on a consistent schedule can be overwhelming.

You want to produce more video content but it never comes out the way you want. Our professional vlog service is the solution for you. At our flexible studio in E. Williamsburg, you can focus on the most important part of your video: your message–and leave the rest to us!


Check out an example video from life and leadership coach, Elena Armijo:


THis service includes:


2 Hours Studio Time

Our studio features a two camera set-up, professional quality lighting and audio, and a director to keep your message focused.

We also have many background looks to choose from so the decor matches your style.


10 Hours Post Production

Each video is delivered ready for publication, and includes: royalty free music, basic motion graphics, color correction and audio mixing–

Everything you need to look and sound like an authority!

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 2.36.36 PM.png

5 Video Segments

Consistency is key to building an audience and requires regular publishing.

By creating 5 video segments, you are able to schedule out your posts and keep your audience engaged.

Become a thought leader with video content that makes YOU stand out from the crowd

Your video channel is key to expanding your audience. It is a way to connect with people online looking for answers. Your videos come ready to publish on FB, Linkedin, Youtube or optimized for the channels of your choice. If you want to start producing better videos this is the way to build your audience and expand your reach.

Add-ons Include:


Hair and Make-up services,

Wardrobe styling,

Additional/ full studio set dressing,

Multi-shot set-ups,

Additional B-roll shoots,

Casting actors and background

Complex motion graphics and animation

Custom music

Social media teaser videos

And more!


Studio Looks:


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