Remarque Creative is a full services video production company.

We primarily produce web and social video content for businesses in the food, fashion and non-profit industries.

We can create any length of video content for your brand, idea, business or topic and help you tailor your content to the channels it will play on. Our services include the incorporation of music, motion graphics as well as still images. 


We specialize in:

Brand Videos

Educational Series

Passive Videos

Youtube channel content 

Kickstarter and fund-raising videos

Instagram posts and ads

Video Testimonials



During a two hour workshop, Brad and Heather will teach your group how to prep, shoot and edit so you can create your own video recipe campaigns anywhere you want to.

We bring our gear to you, make a recipe and do a quick edit right in front of your eyes.

We provide an informational hand out so you can follow along and remember more of what you learn!

Learn how to create video recipes just like this one:


Heather and the International Culinary Center, New York City June 2017

Photo from our workshop at Brooklyn FoodWorks

Photo from our workshop at Brooklyn FoodWorks

Photo from our workshop at the ICC

Photo from our workshop at the ICC

Consulting Packages:

If you are looking to start producing more video media in-house, let us come to you and show your team how to maximize your environment for the best results.

We can guide you through the entire production process:  from purchasing or renting gear, to setting up your camera, to how to edit your piece.

Upcoming workshops:

Next:  January 24th at ICC

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