Remarque Creative is a full service video production company.

We primarily produce web and social video content for businesses in the corporate, food and non-profit industries.

We can create any length of video content for your brand, idea, business or topic and help you tailor your content to the channels it will play on. Our services include the incorporation of music, motion graphics as well as still images. 

We produce, brand videos, educational series and build video content libraries.


Services we offer

Pre Production

  • Planning video shoot and aesthetic

  • Storyboarding/ scriptwriting

  • Booking equipment,  location, and crew

  • Gathering props and set dressing


  • Directing shoot

  • Shooting video assets

  • Recording audio

  • Still photography

  • Flexible, owned, shooting studio

Post Production

  • Managing footage

  • Adding motion graphics

  • Mixing audio

  • Color adjustments

  • Exporting for publication

Consulting Packages:

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If you are looking to start producing more video media in-house, we offer different level workshops to teach your team how to maximize your environment and equipment for the best results.

We can guide you through the entire production process:  from purchasing or renting gear, to setting up your camera, to how to edit your piece.

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